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1) The principle :


You mark out a loop of 4 to 4.5 km.

A start will be givene very 30 minutes precisely.

You must complete your first 4 km loop in less than 30 minutes.

Then the time allowed to cover your 4 km loopis reduced by 1 minute at each start


2) Detaile drules :


- From your home or the home of a friend, a neighbour or your coach (on condition that you stay outside and are no more than 4 people and that you keep a physical distance of 1m50).

- You must mark out a loop of at least 4 to 4.5 km.

- On Sunday 29th November from 9am precisely, a common start will begiven EVERY 30 MINUTES via a " live Facebook " by AMANDINE GILSON.

- At 9am sharp, you will take part in the challenge and you will have to cover your 4 km loop in less than 30 minutes.

- If you complete the loopin 22 minutes you have 8 minutes to recover, in 16 minutes you have 14 minutes to recover and if you need 29 minutes then you only have 1 minute before you leave.

- At 09.30 amsharp, 2nd departure always via " Live Facebook ". You will have to cover your 4 km loop again BUT THIS TIME IN 29 MINUTES.


If you complete the loopin 21 minutes you have 9 minutes to recover, in 18 minutes you have 12 minutes to recover and if you need 29 minutes then you only have 1 minute before you start again.

- 30 minutes and 3rd departure... You leave for a new tour BUT TO BE DONE THIS TIME IN LESS THAN 28 MINUTES...

If you complete the loopin 20 minutes you have 10 minutes to recover, in 17 minutes you have 13 minutes to recover and if you need 29 minutes THEN you can't start again and your challenge ends there.

- You have understood that, the further you go, the more difficult it becomes. THE DISTANCE DOES NOT CHANGE, the time allowed to coveritis REDUCED BY ONE MINUTE AT THE ISSUE OF EACH LOOP...

- You have understood that to become "The MASTER OF TIME" you will have to been during, fast and very resistant...

- It is up to you to choose the nature of your land... Road, wood, park, mountain, sand or country side.


3) Role of the assistant :


You can have an assistant, but itis not mandatory. His/her aimis to encode as quickly as possible the time taken for each of yourloops.


4) Health regulations COVID 19 :


It is important to respect aphysical distance of 1.5 m. You can participate in small groups of 4 people maximum. If you can’t respect this physical distance, you have to wear a mask.




5) Departure times :

The first departure is scheduled on Sunday 29th November at 9am sharp. It is there fore important +/- 10 minutes before departure to connect to the Facebook group in order to follow AMANDINE's live broadcast, who will take the opportunity to give the last recommendations before the final countdown .


6) The route :

The distance of the route MUST be between 4 and 4.5 km.

You choose the nature of your terrain as well as its gradient. An athletics track, a RAVEL, in the woods, on the beach... How ever, make sure that you have a valid 3G or 4G network.



7) Registrations :

Registrations will be done EXCLUSIVELY via the link below .

Registration is free of charge.

WARNING : After your registration you will automatically receive an email.

This email isvery IMPORTANT because it is thanks to it that you will be able to ask your assistant to communicate the results achieved for each of the loops...

If you don't receiveit, please check your spam/undesirable emails. The email must have left.


8) Stopwatch, GPS track :

You MUST START AND STOP YOUR GPS WATCH FOR EACH BUCKLE... ;-) At the start, yous tart your watch and stop it when you finish your loop.


9) Ranking " MASTERS OF TIME ":

To become the "MASTER OF TIME":

You will have to complete one more loop in the allotted time than all the other participants.

If this is not the case, there will be no MASTER OF TIME... BUT aranking with the athletes will be established to elect the winners of the challenge.

To determine this ranking, we will take into account the STOPWATCH REALIZED AT THE LAST LOOP.

The athlete with the best time will be declared the winner.

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